Artists' Television Access

Rebecca Frediani: Folk Saint

Curated by Dana Hemenway

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am


Folk Saint will consist of Rebecca physically embodying a
saint/folk hero that will endure martyr like trials, some tragic
others humorous, within several video performances. This two
channel video installation will be displayed in the ATA storefront
window. Rebecca is also creating prayer card that viewers can take
at the reception or by request.

“The potential for empathy can only be achieved within a combination of elements that are on one hand highly familiar and on the other completely foreign. Within that space of familiarity and of the unknown a tension is created wherein a viewer is pulled into the space… The creation of Folk Saint is an attempt at combining the traditional trials of Christian saints with the vernacular folk stories and culture of humor and loss that imbues Iraqi folk tales from the last century.” – Rebecca Frediani

Rebecca takes on a large subject, but rather then try to completely
explain religion and the cultures that are produced from belief,
she focuses on weaving the personal with the communal and the
political. Rebecca’s videos take Christian and Iraqi symbolism and
enter them into a different place: her home and her contemporary
urban/suburban life, transforming two familiars into a wholly
surreal experience that forces the viewer to imagine other
scenarios to life as we know it.

This Exhibition is part of a series, curated by Dana Hemenway,
exploring the artist’s presence, physical & otherwise in
contemporary video & installation art.

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