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Ohlone and Their Territory

Session 3: “Not, What Next but, What Does it Mean?”

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am

A pivotal question for every Native person is what to do about US Federal Recognition. Without it, the final disappearance, genocide maybe inevitable. With it, status as a tribal corporate entity and all the legal, financial, and psychological consequences condition survival and undermine its spiritual core. What does it mean for a tribe to survive amidst this 21^st century settler society?

The Ohlone of San Francisco have no official support, not even a small non-profit amidst the plethora of service organizations that make up the city’s social networks. The strongest Ohlone organizations are in exile: Pomona, San Jose, and Fremont. We don’t know of any tribe whose land base was in a major US city and who has won Federal Recognition.

This evenings radio quests include representatives from several Ohlone groups that have petitioned the government. We will also host first time conversations between members of the Wilton Rancheria who won recognition in a court case on June 7^th , and from the Tsi Akum Maidu, who are developing an innovative challenge to the contradictory process of recognition by establishing their ongoing cultural life.

Live Radio broadcast from 6 to 8pm

In person community discussion from 8pm to 9:30pm

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