Artists' Television Access

new work by Sherry Koyama

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am

Sherry Koyama - petri dishes (small)

Artists Statement: I attempt to create a sense of familiarity by incorporating common everyday items such as wallpaper, into my work. By invoking the familiar, I aim to create a sense of connectedness with the viewer- whether it be through the slightly chaotic and obsessive nature of the work, or its recognizable components. I strive to take what is commonly found around us and create a sense of comfortable yet disquieting familiarity. In my recent work, wallpaper acts as the familiar material. The material is self-contained as its own entity, while coexisting as part of a larger group (community). As a whole, each piece is a single organism- each of its parts is a small but very necessary component of the whole. Each of these parts is as equally important as the next, and every little detail matters. Each minute detail, at its subtlest, is crucial in understanding what surrounds us. By overlooking one minuscule detail, it is possible to misinterpret vast fields of information. In creating each of these parts, the required process is highly repetitive and tedious. In the tedium of this process, is precisely where I find my comfort.

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