Artists' Television Access

Motion Graphics Galore

San Francisco Art Institute's Motion Graphics Class presents

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am, $5

“Join us for an evening of cinematic reveries
straight outta the san Francisco Art Institute’s
Motion Graphics Class” Group Titles include:

Decomposed Motion“: a 5  minute extravaganza shot in the studio complete
with  disembodied teeth,  a Flashing spinning homage to Muybridge, Marey and Edgarton.

SADISTIC SEAWEED“, Toxic revenge upon the unsuspecting, coming straight out of the Musee Mechanique and secret spaces of Ocean Beach.

And our handmade, hand painted film “Chromatic Reveries“: “The films display a diverse array of frame-by frame techniques including hand painting, optical printing,  hand processing,  and other re-photography processes.

Also several individual shorts by : Dave Alvin,Richard , Bahto,Tamara, Brown,Natalia, Cerqueira, Charles Chadwick, Jennifer, Choe, Tina Eisinger,Doug Freedman, Karen Johannesen, Denah Johnston, Susan Maiorana,Amy Romano,Cihan, Sesan, Brian Traylor, Hiromi Yoshida.
plus a phenakistscope installation.

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