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Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am, $5-

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Lost Thoughts, Found Reels (The Narrative Show) (film/video)
Co-presented by Frameline.
at Artists’ Television Access (992 Valencia St. at 21st, 415-824-3890)


$10 sliding scale
Have you ever wanted to make one of your strange days into a short film? These women did with a Ladyfest flavor for all your one of a kind experiences. Lost Thoughts, Found Reels is a collection of stories about mixed identities, boobs, Žbois,� and that one Saturday night. Featuring Shari Frilots’s ŽStrange and Charmed� and work by Shani Heckman, Marisa Aragona, MÛnica EnrÌquez, Lauren Madow, Florencia Manovil, Philipe Lonestar, and Penny Lane.

– – – – –
Filmmakerss’ Lounge and Reception (film/video)
at Artists’ Television Access (992 Valencia St. at 21st, 415-824-3890)
7:15pm – 7:45pm.
Come informally share wisdom about filmmaking and forming community in the
Bay Area.

– – – – –
Frozen to Fluid (The Experimental Show) (film/video)
at Artists’ Television Access (992 Valencia St. at 21st, 415-824-3890)


$10 sliding scale
These experimental shorts creep in and stir things up. They stories of
relationships, violation, abandonment, and multi-cultural identity. Frozen
to fluid is a program of moving and hard issue shorts that will make you
think or piss you off. Featuring work by Kirthi Nath, Judith Jordan, Cathy
de la Cruz, Sarah Gottesdiener, and Kara Hearn.

– – – – –
Artists’ Television Access (992 Valencia St. at 21st, 415-824-3890)


$10 sliding scale

Happy are the Happy  and ……..

LadyFest presents Sarah Jane lapp

 Happy Are the Happy
Sarah Jane Lapp and Jenny Perlin
1999, 16mm, 18 min. Czech Republic/USA East Bay Premiere
How does one generation of survivors communicate with the next? A journey into humor guided by the survivors of not-so-funny lives. Student Academy Award Winner Happy Are the Happy takes a haunting ride through the past and present of Bosnian, Jewish, and Romany refugees.

About LadyFest Bay Area & What to Expect At L.F.B.A. 2004

Inspired by the phenomenal success of Ladyfest Bay Area 2002, LFBA 2004 volunteers decided it was time for another San Francisco-based event. The original Ladyfest was started in Olympia, WA in 2000, and since then Ladyfests have blossomed into a worldwide phenomena, spanning four continents.

Ladyfest Bay Area offers workshops, live music and spoken word shows, opportunities to sell handmade crafts and zines, film screenings, spoken word events, and much, much more. It is a festival in the DIY, or Do It Yourself spirit- it is not sponsored by corporations, the workshops don’t require expensive materials, and the bands are there because they support Ladyfest’s feminist, activist and artistic ideals. We’re committed to keeping the costs of the events low (The average of 2002’s Ladyfest was

$5) so everybody interested has access. All genders are welcome.

Workshops have ranged from zine-making, self-defense, anti-Racist feminism, sexuality, creating your own cable access show, to screen- printing, independent publishing, DIY travel, better body image, media and the Middle East, and transgender youth.

Photography, mixed media, paintings, drawings, sculpture, comic and zine art and more will be part of Ladyfest’s art program, while everyone from hip-hop to spoken word artists to indie rockers to poets and will appear on the Ladyfest stage.

Film programs typically include everything from politically-involved documentaries to experimental shorts. Examples of past offerings are Re-Framing 9/11: Women’s Art and Activism and Development And Displacemen and Re-Envisioning Sex: Women and Transmen Make Porn.

Last but not least, Ladyfest will hold a bazaar in which crafts, zines, homemade clothing and other DIY products will be sold, giving sellers a showcase for their work and buyers an opportunity to support them.

In one festival day, a person could see an art gallery showing of local women artists, attend a workshop on fighting body fascism, watch a documentaru film, learn to knit, and then round off the night with an indie-rock band. What is so unique about Ladyfest is not simply that we offer these lady-friendly events, but that we bring them all together so that an individual can pick and choose what interests them- and with the vast amount of opportunities, there is bound to be something. People come together to hear music, see art, learn in workshops and hear the voices of women and people who are ignored in the mainstream media- Ladyfest is a truly unique event!

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