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Katrina Dust

photographs by Bill Daniel

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am

Bill Daniel - Katrina

Intrepid roving documentarian Bill Daniel returns to San Francisco to present a series of photographs he shot of the destroyed Lower 9th Ward neighborhood of New Orleans, four months post-Katrina. The photographs show in stark black & white the apocalyptic aftermath of the city still in ruins.

Currently based in Shreveport, LA, Bill went down to New Orleans to help with relief work and to document the still-present destruction and the work of activists from all over the country who have converged on the city to set up medical and legal clinics, volunteer centers and tool libraries.

The artist will also present a work-in-progress multiple-channel report on his experience for Other Cinema (see Other Cinema’s Spring 2006 calendar, 3/11/06: “Cameras on Catastrophe”)

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