Artists' Television Access

JUNK: queer underground cinema

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am, $6


Malaqueerche Productions is screening DIY, no budget, campy, underground,
independent, fagalicious, genderfuck, pro fattie, furry and freaky images
for a night of queer underground cinema.  We want to give representation and
moving images to radical subcultures – this includes people of color, trans,
working class, fatties and anyone else who doesn’t fit into a box.  We are
taking over movie theaters, living rooms, public parks and anywhere else we
can find to screen these movies…

No less than sixteen short films in one evening… music videos for Le Tigre,
Gravy Train!!! and Scream Club… docs on queers in hip hop, homo organizing
in Brazil, and trans youth…kick ass animation pieces with homo crayons,
genderqueers and sterilized cherries… and soon to be CULT classics: Plushie
lovin, drag horror, and faux punk gang wars…
[email protected]
Curated by Devon Devine

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