Artists' Television Access

James Sterling Pitt: The On and On

Opening Reception and Pancake Party

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am

Come join us as we celebrate the window installation opening of The On and On, new work by Mission artist James Sterling Pitt. From 10 to 1 we’ll be whipping up pancakes and coffee outside of ATA. Stop by to chat with the artist, see what he’s been working on, and enjoy some breakfast treats with friends.

The On and On consists of new work by San Francisco artist James Sterling Pitt. The objects created for the installation at Artist’s Television Access are pulled from the artist’s everyday surroundings and experiences. Pitt was in an automobile accident in early 2007 that left him physically and neurologically disabled. His artistic practice became a coping mechanism for organizing and understanding both daily life and the shifts in perception and experience that came with his disabilities. Some of Pitt’s sculptures are objects taken from his own collection, and some are more abstract forms – quasi-scientific attempts to quantify the fabric of both earthly and cosmic experiences.

The title The On and On comes from a comment made by the artist’s brother while they were out hunting for records. Pitt’s brother remarked that “it just goes on and on,” referring to the endless activity of record collecting and the sensation of always having another record to find. Pitt felt that this quote encapsulated his practice and mode of working — that as long as there is life, there will always be things to make and the desire to make them make sense.

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