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I Can See You Just Fine

New Works by Jimmy Robson

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am, $6

I Just Saw a Scary Movie by Jimmy Robson
“I Just Saw a Scary Movie” by Jimmy Robson

Who do we become when we watch a movie? Television? Sometimes when we sit down at the end of a hard day and watch a story unfold, we go a little too far into the life of another… This program features two new videos about characters and personas that are guilty of “TMI”. The desperate people that appear in these movies are just waiting for the right moment to spill the beans to us. Each member of the audience becomes an enabler: we are implicated in these layered stories often by lending an ear to the characters in the videos who know that we are out there watching them. Touching upon the horror genre, these two videos also explore off-screen violence, questioning how terror both threatens and preserves the very screen upon which these movies appear.

“The Face of Susan White”
This video tells the story of a woman who is struggling to change. After watching a mysterious green fluid disrupt a morning news cast, Susan White finds she has a new power: the distance between herself and the outside world is suddenly abolished. Given this new perspective, Susan discovers that she is now able to transform her life. But when a figure from her past confronts her, everything is placed into jeopardy. 30 minutes, DV. WORLD PREMIER!

“I Just Saw a Scary Movie”
A fortune teller and her grandson become obsessed with a mysterious and morbid character, Jeff, who posts videos of himself on youtube. The story is told through a series ambiguous testimonials given by the family about their new obsession. Finally, when Jeff is given the chance to speak for himself and come clean, the story threatens to self-destruct. 22 minutes, DV.

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