Artists' Television Access

“He’s Got the Whole Universe…” and “It’s All Relative”

Installation and Video by Chad Stayrook and Chet Danger

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am

Cahd Universe

As abstract and contradictory as scientific thought tends to be, it is often necessary to take measures into one’s own hands when answering questions of human existence. In yet another attempt to come to terms with a greater meaning, Chad Stayrook takes the entire universe into his grasp in his latest video, “He’s Got the Whole Universe…” Using any artistic means necessary, Chad creates work that attempts to deal with these inconsistencies and contradictions in scientific, socialistic, and philosophic “fact” that make our reality so confusing. Also in exhibit is a new work by Chet Danger, the first artist to exist solely as a cognitive mind piggy backing on the brain of another being (in this case Chad). When asked about “It’s All Relative”, Danger explains, “I truly believe if William Tell and Albert Einstein got together to shoot Isaac Newton’s apple off the head of an illusionary deer, the answers to what happened in the moments just before the Big Bang would reveal themselves.” He goes on to say, “If Einstein is the Father of Relativity then I’m the Father of Irrelativity.” Chet Danger’s work is also on display at the Steven Wolf Fine Arts gallery this month.

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