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Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am

Finding Beauty Where Nobody Does



Plinio de Oliveira—— Finding Beauty Where Nobody Does——- My complete name is Plinio Jacintho Waller de Oliveira and I am a 31 years old artist born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I began doing art seriously on January of 1999 when I took a drawing class at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz with Mr. Donald Roy Thompson that learned art form Wayne Thiebald. From then until today I have been either drawing or painting every semester in my college career. My first painting class was taken in the fall of 2003 at the College of San Mateo. I also took painting classes at Cabrillo College and at the University of California of Santa Cruz. Much of my inspiration comes from artists in my family. My Dad is a very good photographer. He worked really hard on drawing classes when he attended Cabrillo College, making some really beautiful pieces. My Dad’s uncle Claudio Barros Barreto was a professional painter that made very beautiful work and he also taught art in a very important University in Brazil called Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado. Most of my works in this show are abstract pieces that are very colorful and full of patterns and geometric shapes. I feel like a lot of my work has a good amount of development and for example the painting “soccer, surf and hangliders” has about eighteen hours of work. On “soccer, surf and hangliders” I used a technique were I applied layers of paint and glazes that were water mixed with white paint. My work of geometric shapes happened in the summer of 2006 in a painting class that I took with a teacher and gentleman named Mr. Frank Galuska at UCSC. My more patterned work started happening in the fall 2006 in a painting class with UCSC instructor Jenny Mc Dade. In this show I also have Relief prints, graphite, pastel and charcoal drawing and some paintings that were from still life that I loved doing and that were an attempt to paint more realistic. The still life paintings are my latest work.

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