Artists' Television Access

Exquisite Corpse

Bayennale screening

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am

Nine different sequences began with nine artists making a short video. Changing hands each time, a 2nd, 3rd and 4th video were made, each in response to whatever preceded it. Based on a game the Surrealists named “Exquisite Corpse”, what follows presents nine unique video collaborations.


Project Co-ordinator – Rachel Cornish

Nine Artists – Charlotte Bernstein, Eileeen Bonner, Rachel Cornish, Rachel Dobbs, Sally Irvine, Liliana Lopez, Stormsmith Nomi, Fritz Stolberg, Teresa Whiting

 2004, England, 80 min




Gaza, 2003
A video installation, by Larissa Sansour. Military helicopters are filmed from the ground while in flight. The footage is interjected by black tape and the whole piece is projected . Every thirty seconds the loud sound of an approaching helicopter is followed by the sky opening above the specators’ head  to reveal a helicopter speeding by at low altitude. Gaza is meant to evoke the experience of Palestinians on the ground.  The repeated alternation between black tape and open sky creates a tense atmosphere. The termination of an aerial attack is never really a relief, It is just the point at which you start fearing the next one. time 3.59




Videoclip, 2001
“happy new everything” by Andreas Templin
time: 3:09
artist unknown

Plus other Video Installations.


The 2005 Bayennale is slated to take place in over 40 venues throughout the Bay Area July 22- August 7, 2005. The festival was instigated by California artist Lowell Darling and London artist Bill Allen, and has been organized by a volunteer committee comprised of Port of Oakland Public Art Committee (PAC) coordinator Geoff Dorn, PAC members Gregory Wiley Edwards, Jen Loy and Juan Carlos Quintana, BorderZone Arts’ Tressa Berman, and Oakland Cultural Affairs Commissioner Devin Satterfield, under the direction of Elisabeth Beaird.







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