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DVD Release Party

"NOMADS AND NO-ZONES: Western Essays by Greta Snider and Vanessa Renwick."

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am


Filmmakers Greta Snider and Vanessa Renwick will be at ATA to celebrate the release of their split DVD.

Produced by Other Cinema DVD, this compilation (1989-2004) features 90 minutes of diaries, essays and wildness from the margins of documentary. The films and videos include collaborations with many notable Bay Area underground artists, such as Eric Lyle (Scam magazine), Ivy McClelland (muralist, musician in MIAMI and Allergic to Bullshit), and Aaron Cometbus; and Portland’s Moe Bowstern (X-tra Tuff magazine) and filmmaker Dawn Smallman.

The release party will feature a screening of selected works from the DVD (which boasts Renwick’s and Snider’s award-winning documentaries, “Richart” and “Portland,” respectively) as well as new short film and animation by emerging makers, a slide show, and more!

Complimentary beverage with purchase of the DVD. For more information on the NOMADS AND NO-ZONES DVD, please visit


“Potent testimonies against the oppressive patterns of normal American life.” -Ann Powers

“A skate-punk oppositional stance, a disarming lack of attitude, and a documentary impulse animate Snider’s work.” -Gavin Smith, Film Comment


“She will never be tamed· her movies are not only about herself, or about the borders and patterns she sees.  She gives love and recognition to the strivings of other outlaws.” -William T. Vollman

“·video, art and music collide with edgy, confrontational, unpredictable and often exuberant intensity.” -The Washington Post


The Other Cinema Digital project provides an alternative platform for the distribution of extraordinary film works. We celebrate peculiar visions and offbeat sensibilities, drawn from the contemporary underground as well as the archives. Be it auteur, exploitation, or industrial, OCD delivers a decidedly different audio-visual experience – opening up spaces both marvelous and dangerous.

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