Artists' Television Access

Curiosity Killed the Cowboy

Installation by Casey Logan

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am


Many physicists today are trying to unravel the secrets to our universe by using super colliders. These are machines that smash molecular particles together at such high rates of speed that the particles virtually annihilate themselves leaving nothing but super heated particles behind, sometimes called “quark soup”. It is from these particles that scientist are claiming to unravel a model of how our universe began to form itself in its infancy. Based on these principles there were two cowboy’s in the Texas Panhandle that took it upon themselves to experiment with this quark soup. By shooting their rifles in such a way they were able to collide their bullets in mid air. Their hopes were that the collision would create such a powerful force that they too may unravel secrets to the universe. What they saw next is unknown to us due to the fact they can no longer speak and appear to be living in a catatonic state. It is speculated by some that they had seen God himself. We may never know what happened to them cowboys but I think it is safe to say that whatever happened it was no less than profound and perhaps it takes just the right alignment of atoms to unravel the secrets of everything.

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