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Buyer, Be Fair: The Promise of Product Certification

Film Screening, Reception and Discussion

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am

7pm – Reception
7:30 – Film Screening
8:30 – Discussion with award-winning producer John de Graaf and TransFair USA

This is a free event. Please RSVP to [email protected]

BUYER BE FAIR: THE PROMISE OF CERTIFICATION, a one-hour public television documentary, takes viewers to Mexico, the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden, the U.S. and Canada to explore how conscious consumers and businesses can use the market to promote social justice and environmental sustainability through product labeling, with a focus on Fair Trade Certified coffee and Forest Stewardship Council certified wood. “Buyer Be Fair” is a production of Fox-Wilmar Productions and the American University Center for Environmental Media, in association with the National Wildlife Federation. The film was shown during the Environmental Film Festival in Washington

Director and writer John de Graaf is the recipient of more than 100 regional, national, and international awards for filmmaking. Many of his programs address environmental subjects, including “Beyond Organic,” “Escape from Affluenza,” and “Circle of Plenty.” He is a frequent speaker on issues of overwork and over-consumption in America. De Graaf is the co-chair of the Public Policy Committee for the Simplicity Forum, a national think tank for the voluntary simplicity movement, and has worked with KCTS-TV, the Seattle PBS affiliate, for 23 years, as an independent producer of television documentaries. He has taught documentary film production at the University of Washington and The Evergreen State College. De Graaf is the founder of the Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival and former president of the Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Network.
The Bay Area Fair Trade coalition, formed in 2005, is a group working to raise awareness and build demand for Fair Trade in the Bay Area. The group hosts regular educational events, monthly “café crawls” to promote Fair Trade in San Francisco’s neighborhood retail establishments, and hopes to be the first Fair Trade Town in the US! The San Francisco Bay Guardian recently awarded the Bay Area Fair Trade Coalition the Community Activist of the Year Award.

TransFair USA, a nonprofit organization, is the only independent, third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the US. TransFair’s rigorous audit system, which tracks products from farm to market, verifies industry and farmer compliance with Fair Trade criteria. TransFair authorizes companies to display the Fair Trade Certified label on products that meet this high standard. TransFair USA is part of a global certification network with a 17-year history of success in over 60 countries. In addition to coffee, TransFair also certifies Fair Trade tea, cocoa, chocolate, bananas, rice and sugar.  For more info, visit:

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