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Butterfield 8

Whore! Magazine presents... CINEWHORES

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am, $5-

WHORE!MAGAZINE and the St. James Infirmary present a monthly program of feature films exploring sex, money, power, & the goodness of going bad. Cupcakes, sex toys, and post-screening sparkling deconstruction for all who attend. (Proceeds to benefit sex worker health care at St. James Infirmary and smart whore art & culture via WHORE!MAGAZINE.)

This month’s film and discussion:

Monday, April 28th, at 8PM

Butterfield 8

Elizabeth Taylor is stunning as a New York call girl who wears nothing under her fur coat but a slinky slip. Outside of Hollywood fiction she also stole the leading man from good girl Debbie Reynolds. !960’s NY has never been more scandalous.

with salon conversation
Ginger Murray (editor, WHORE!MAGAZINE)
Melissa Gira (development coordinator, St. James Infirmary)

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