Artists' Television Access

ATV July Schedule

Sunday Nights at Midnight, Cable Channel 29, San Francisco

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am, 0

ATV June

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painting with fog, filters, rain and mary lou williams – day v jones
pj harvey- dress, uh huh her, taut
post mortem crush 30: beryl booker – day v jones

btween parallels – day v jones
pj harvey- down by the water
post martem crush 31: dizzy gillespie – day v jones

btween rooftops and sun – day v jones
pj harvey – its you, big exit
algie the minor – (1912)
post mortem crush 32: son house – day v jones

btween reality and reflection – day v jones
the moaners – haert attack
pj harvey – catherine, who the fuck
peace scene from queen christina
post mortem crush 33: anna may wong
queer scene from queen christina

btween monitors – day v jones
take action – you stole my bike
transient frequencies – gilbert guerrero & kathleen quillian
pj harvey – my beautiful leah, the letter
post mortem crush 34: leadbelly

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