Artists' Television Access

ATA Memory Disorder (dedicated to Otomo Yoshihide)

a new site-specific installation by Norman W. Long

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am

norman long hand

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Oakland-based artist/composer Norman Long traverses the Bay to exhibit a new site-specific installation in ATA’s front window. The composition consists of equipment and assorted material found in the depths of ATA’s storage room which has been reconfigured into a formal structure. The window will be specially animated on the night of the reception with the introduction of mysterious sounds. Also on October 17th, Norman will present a short sound performance in the gallery using his special blend of equipment, tools and pre-recorded and found sounds.

Drawing from themes such as memory, space and invisibility, African Altars, Zen Gardens, Improvised Music From Japan, Great Black Music and Punk Rock, Norman redefines space using ordinary material and the sounds which surround us.

Norman has presented work in many local exhibition venues including Artists’ Television Access, Intersection for the Arts, the Exploritorium, BUILD, the Luggage Store, 21 Grand, Southern Exposure and the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery. He was a featured artist in the 2003 Emerge showcase (presented by GenArt).

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