Artists' Television Access

ATA 25: Quarter Century of Alternative Work

A selected screening

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am, 0


To celebrate our staff and their work as artists and volunteers, ATA is hosting a very special screening that includes work by founders, staff and associates from early 80s to the present. Also, we will crack open a mysterious Time Capsule buried under ATA over twenty years ago!

John Martin
Marshall Weber
Lise Swenson
Craig Baldwin
Dale hoyt
Phil Patero
Rigo 23
Kota Ezawa
Luke hones
John Fanning
Carl Diehl
Konrad Steiner
Andrew Wilson
Karla Claudio Betancourt
Isabel Fondevila
Shae Green
Gilbert Guerrero
Kent Howie
Ivan Jaigirdar
Dayv Jones
Ali Kashani
Lukas Lukasic
Camilla Stenmark
Sam Manera
Mike Missiaen
Jon Olson
Kathleen Quillian
Linda Scobie
Jon Shade

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